White Rice Cake with Black Beans & Jujubes

A recipe for one of many traditional Korean rice cakes

Radish kimchi, julienne cut
A simple “fresh” kimchi based on Korean radish (moo)

Stir fried glass noodles with 5 vegetables

Boiled pork belly with steamed cabbage leaves

Abalone juk
Korean abalone porridge with a few twists

Braised beef short ribs with chestnuts, jujubes in a soy-ginger sauce

Sweet Potato Makgeolli
A recipe for making makgeolli at home

Samgyetang Soup
A whole, stuffed chicken boiled with ginseng and jujubes

Jujube cake the next day. Note that rice cake is best fresh. If not eaten within 24hrs, it is best to store in the freezer. Thaw at room temperature, and reheat briefly in microwave or steamer.

Jujube (daechu) rice cake
Rice cake (tteok) made with jujubes

Oyster jeon
Egg battered oysters lightly pan-fried


Job’s tears risotto with spinach
A Korean grain, yulmu, made risotto-style with spinach, parmesan and extra-virgin olive oil

Japanese-style pork belly slow braised
Beyond samgyupsal and bossam – this is Korean pork belly taken to a sweeter, more tender level

Sweet “Green” Tomatoes in a Pasta Salad
Seasonal, local tomatoes from Daejeo (near Busan) made into an easy, flavorful pasta salad with broccoli

Spaghetti with “Hanwoo” Meatballs
A classic comfort made with pantry ingredients and Korean hanwoo beef

Jeju Carrot Soup with Maple Syrup
Made with seasonal carrots from Jeju Island and sweetened with a little bit of Canada

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