White tteok cake. This is the most simple tteok cake made with rice flour and syrup. It's served at the 100th day birthday to symbolize cleanliness, purity and health for the new baby.

Truffle tteok. Little bite-size tteok rolled in red beans cooked and mashed through a sieve. The tteok is made with glutinous rice and a small, round yellowish grain called su-su, which gives it a slightly nutty flavour.

Little wrinkled dried daechu with pine nut lacquered in a syrup reduction. This is a common garnish as well as a dish made into an elaborate piece for special occasions.

Ma (a root vegetable) coated with honey & rice flour, which is then pan-fried and dusted with finely chopped pine nuts.

Soy-pickled Korean radish. Love the crunchy texture of the fresh baby radish and the sweet, soy flavour. And yes, all those chili peppers give it a mean, spicy kick.

Raw oysters in spicy red chili pepper seasoning. A delicious banchan and not as spicy as it looks.

Making barley kochujang, the 4th kochujang variation learned so far. Kochujang is a fermented red chili paste and is a major seasoning in Korean cooking. I have garlic kochujang and sweet pumpkin kochujang fermenting at home.