The sweetest sweet potato unveils as you peel away the slightly burnt jacket, bit by bit, revealing the caramelized edges and soft, steaming yellow flesh.  Yum.  It is totally reminiscent of the curb-side sweet potatoes from the wood-burning fire sold on the streets of Seoul on cold, winter days.

So this is why my Mom got excited when she saw this in the supermarket.

This is the best indoor BBQ/oven for the price point: 10,000 won at E-mart, picked up in the fresh produce aisle beside the sweet potatoes.  It acts as a roaster, oven and a grill all at the same time.

Aside from sweet potatoes, it’s great for roasting chestnuts, whole garlic heads, corn on the cob, big rice cake cylinders, and occasionally I also use it to toast bread (very carefully, must add, had a few mishaps with blackened bread…).

It does have it’s limitations, you can only roast dry foods for it to work effectively.  Anything really juicy will be a bit messy, like fish on foil… though it worked to sufficiently cook, it didn’t really add any roasted characteristics.  Chilies and sweet peppers I think would work beautifully though if you quickly char the skin before the juicy drippings start to leech.

Anyway it’s the closest thing we have to an oven.  It doesn’t bake cookies (yet) but sure as hell does a fine job roasting the sweetest sweet potato.

Roasted sweet potatoes, the purple-skinned Korean varieties. I particularly like the bright yellow flesh ones, called "sweet pumpkin" sweet potatoes. Sounds funny in English. In Korean, it's dan-hoe-bak go-gu-ma, which refers to the colour and sweet flavour similar to the sweet pumpkins.

Roasted rice cake cylinders. I think it's nostalgic for my mom- she likes to dip this in honey and soy sauce. The idea was weird to me at first, but I like the charred taste of rice cake

It is made out of the same material as the camping pots, which are light and fast heat conductor (so watch your fingers when it's hot). Inside has a little rack, and the bottom has little raised surfaces where the dry heat enters.