After being doped on drugs yesterday and with lots of rest, I made it to class today. I’m sure the Wednesday Super Samgyetang also helped my speedy recovery.

It’s already into week 4 of Korean cooking classes.  Here’s the day captured – 9 hrs – 3 classes.

Lettuce "salad" with sweet rice flour.

Inside is Lettuce tteok layered with white sweet bean powder - ready to be steamed.

Lettuce tteok cake, just after it's been flipped out from the "shi-lu" clay steamer

Surprisingly, this is one of my favorite tteok so far. The sweet bean powder melts in your mouth, and the texture of rice cake turned out perfectly.

Honey tteok, before boiling. Dough was made out of sweet rice with various natural colouring.

Honey tteok, after boiling. Rolled in syrup, and hit with a pine nut.

Evaluation time.

Green tea rice cupcakes with sweetened black bean.

Candied lotus root, candied kumquat, candied potato coloured with strawberry powder, candied white root Korean veg coloured green.

Candied kumquats I got to take home. Very tasty, and great to have around.

Sweet pumpkin gochujang (red pepper paste) ready for fermentation, which takes 2-3 months.

Fresh squid marinated in spicy red pepper. Ready to be fermented for 3-4 days. It was the most pungent kick I've had in awhile, in not so good way. Hope the flavours mellow out after fermenting.

Fermented flat fish with white Korean radish.