Unfortunately it doesn’t come in conveniently packaged cans in your neighborhood grocery store.  You do have to make it yourself.  But I’m told it’s very easy… you just need 2-3 days for fermentation (and your head in the slow food movement^^).

At our last tteok class, we were presented with a tteok doshirak (lunch set of rice cakes) for sampling which came with this purply pink coloured drink with an ice cube.  Upon tasting, everyone immediately got the familiar taste of dongchimi, yet the colour twist had us guessing. Like the V8 vegetable juice that everyone’s familiar with in Canada, you can call this a savoury drink as it’s a balance of salty, tart and sweet flavours that is incredibly refreshing when cold.  I love the twist of red beet as it added lovely colour to something that is normally clear like water.

Dongchimi is a water kimchi typically made from white Korean turnip, moo, and is always served cold. Water kimchi can be eaten aside meals, or with cold noodles in the broth (dongchimi guk-su), or like above, a simple refreshing drink.

I asked for the recipe but was told I would learn it in Kimchi class… umm, that’s not until next fall, which is too far to know what I’ll be up to… so will do some experimenting and report back soon with the successful recipe.  But first, gotta go find some Korean beets….